Project Tag: WordPress


elenitranouli is a new business providing advisory services. The important thing to that project was the easy addition to the content of the website, the multi-language and also the newsletter functionality. In order to achieve all the above I used WordPress. I created a child theme in order to changes/ develop some new capabilities for the user.

You can see the live website here


At this project we developed a new site from scratch. We developed a child theme so we can support all the requirements of this project.

You can see the page here.

Our team redesigned the website. The old one used an old Joomla template. We changed to WordPress CMS and applyed a proper theme. Upon customer request we changed noumerous thing on this theme.

You can see the live site here.


My team was responsible to change completly thos website form old html one to a new WordPress. We did a lot of customizing.

You can see the live site here.


In this project our team redisigned form scratch the old web site of Plasteline record company. We did a lot of reasearch in order to find the proper theme that will fit to customers needs.  Also we made significant changes upon customer request.


You can see the live site here.